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My name is Andrea Rossi, I create guitars and electrical basses with passion. Guided by the luthier Galeazzo Frudua, I specialized in creating, projecting, customizing and setting up of musical instruments. Here you can find some of the instruments that I made and other info about my work.

If you'll decide to entrust to me, for two month I'll be at your disposal and I will dedicate my time to the realization of your instrument.

We will study together all the details, from the choice of the materials to the selection of the seasoned timber. Together we will aim for excellence. The final purpose will be to create a unique piece.

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Pandora electric guitar Pandora electric guitar, front Bass guitar amp ibrid head Hot-Ice 200 The lab The Sound of Roan Guitar kit Electric guitar amp head SPOT Bass guitar cabinet 2x12 +Tweeter Agolas 18mm, 5 strings electric bass Abolas 18mm, head stock Agolas 18mm and its Roan case
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