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I can create it!! If I told you that there are no limits, maybe I'd lie, but my aim is to satisfy your exigencies at the best.

You'll follow with me all the phases of the designing and realization, from the choice of the wood to the finishing, from the shape to the pick ups. I'll help you to create the guitar or the bass that you've always wanted and you'll finally have your personal sound!

Take a look at the section of electrical basses and guitars on the site There you'll find my handmade instruments, available in my lab. for any sound check. I can reproduce all the instruments displayed.

My instruments go
Il mio laboratorio

Set up

I don't just create new instruments, I also offer a wide range of services, here they are:

  • String change and cleaning
  • Truss rod setting
  • Action setting
  • Intonation and octaves
  • Bridge setting
  • Refretting and other fingerboard reparation


  • Nuts setting or replacement
  • Pick up cavity routing
  • Sostituzione pick up / potenziometri
  • Custom pickguards
  • Finishing
  • Other reparations


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