Roan guitars


Andrea Rossi

Since when I was young I've always been keen on handcraft and I've always been loving to fix things or to bring them back to life.

The will of studying the fascinating and misterious world of guitars building, grew in me in a short time. I remember when I was walking along Urbino's center and, in a hidden alley, I saw the studio of a man who was working on a guitar and I was really impressed from that. The colours, the smell of the wool, those walls full of tools, guitars and handles everywhere, made me immagine my future.

A few years later (in 2011), I decided that guitars building had to be part of my life.

In my family my grandfather was an artisan, he was an armourer, I can still remember when he let me play with his rasps. Recovering those tools was like going back in time, with the art of guitar making I found a hidden side of me, that I had never expressed before.

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